Paul Thompson has been a professional photographer for 35 years. He is the owner of The Huntington House Studio in Huntington Beach, California. He has photographed thousands of family portrait sessions and weddings over the years. He has photographed weddings nationwide and is in high demand as a portrait artist. His expertise besides picture taking has been advertising, marketing and customer service.

Paul has been on the lecture circuit across the nation and as far away as Japan, teaching Japanese photographers the Western way of photographing weddings. He has also taught at Golden West College, Long Beach State University and the renown Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. Paul has taught beginning photography courses in colleges as well as advanced wedding and portrait workshops at Brooks Institute.

Mr. Thompson developed and created a Three Volume Educational Video. I was created, distributed and sold worldwide. It was a video to help photographers of all skill levels to improve their craft.

Paul was also commissioned by Kodak as one of four studios in the nation to be featured on the “Image is everything” video. This video was viewed worldwide and served as a training tool at numerous “how to” seminars. He was also featured for a remarkable second time in Kodak’s Business and Marketing Practices, Portraits of Success. Seminars were given in 38 cities nationwide discussing the elegance of Paul’s portraiture and his expertise in his business and marketing.

Early in Paul’s career he received the prestigious Masters of Photography Degree, the Craftsman Degree and the Fellowship Degree. These degrees are the symbol of photographic excellence. Paul has received countless awards locally, nationally and internationally. His work has been featured in numerous magazines worldwide. He continues to write articles aimed at beginning photographers.

Paul started out as a teacher in the Elementary School System and has now gone back to teaching again.

He absolutely loves photography and wants to share all of the knowledge that he has gained over his career. He has always felt that there are no secrets and that you should always share your knowledge so that the profession of photography will continue to thrive.